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Tiffin Pink Stainless Steel 3 Tiers  - 08
Are you look at the eco friendly dinner plates ? 

Round stainless steel 2/3-tier tiffin with separate compartments, handled lid and secure clip closure that keeps all compartments together, to be a practical various food storage & carry
Small Tiffin Stainless Steel  - 07
Durable and robust snack containers made of stainless steel.Compact size that fits in your handbag, briefcase or even pocket.
Tiffin White Stainless Steel 3/4 Tiers - 05
The container is made of Stainless steel, which does not absorb odours or discolour from tomato sauce, etc, so the food container is easy to clean.
Tiffin Customise 2/3 Tiers - 04
Insulated tiffin box has 2/3 tiers so you can store different kinds of food separately.You can enjoy warm food anytime and anywhere since the tiffin box is insulated.
Secure and tight-fitting seal allows you to bring your food safely with you.
Tiffin Stainless Steel 2 Tiers- 03
Be sure to always enjoy warm food for your outdoor adventures – or work lunches. This insulated tiffin box retains the temperature and has 2 tiers so you avoid mixing different food in one container.
Tiffin Stainless Steel 304 - 2 Tiers - 02
Tiffin help to reducing the usage of plastic containers and bags,Improve food safety as not all plastics are safe and make take-out a fashionable and trendy thing to do.
Tiffin Stainless Steel 1 Tier - 01
Easy to fill up with food and eat directly from, thanks to the wide mouth.